Why Should I Learn Math When I Can Just Use A Calculator?

It’s easy to reach for a fraction calculator than working out the problem, but, is that the best solution? For those who dislike math, they’ll say calculators are their best friends. While math calculators can be very useful, they don’t teach you anything. You don’t know how the answer was reached and it means you’re stuck using them every time you have to solve a math problem. It’s not ideal and it’s not a good learning technique either. Fortunately, there are good reasons to put down the calculator and learn math. So, why should you learn math rather than reach for a calculator?

It’s Quicker to Learn than Have to Rely on a Calculator

A teacher sets out a seemingly complicated math equation, what do you do? Instead of breaking it down into solvable parts, you reach for a math calculator and solve the problem that way. It takes a few seconds but, is the answer right? If you don’t understand or know how to break the math equation down, how can you trust the calculator’s answer is right? Do you want to use a calculator every time you need to solve a math problem? Sometimes, it’s actually quicker and easier to learn math than having to rely on a calculator to solve the equation. It’s a machine at the end of the day and only works with the numbers you give it; if you’re wrong, it’s wrong. 

Calculators Are There To Help In Extreme Cases

You don’t want to learn math. You probably don’t care for it and think it’s easier to use a calculator instead; but how will you ever understand math? Remember, a calculator is a tool that’s only supposed to be used as a last resort or in extreme circumstances. Yes, people use them while they learn but they shouldn’t rely on them. You can calculators to solve a math problem but you’ll never know how you got to the answer in the first place. Knowing how to solve the problem is half the battle and from there, it’s a lot easier (with the right education behind you). Whether you use a fraction calculator or algebra solver, only rely on them when you have no other option. 

You Can’t Always Rely On a Math Calculator to Do the Work for You

It’s ten years from now; you’re having a business meeting and a question on finances pops up. You’re asked a question on finances, so how would it look if you got out a calculator or Smartphone, loaded the app, and found the answer? Do you think your fellow businessmen and women would be impressed? Wouldn’t it look better if you calculated the math in your head? To be honest, there are going to be times when you can’t rely on your phone or a calculator to solve the problem. Professionals expect, depending on the industry you work in, to be able to do some basic sums without the aid of a math or fraction calculator. That’s why you should learn math than have to rely on a calculator. 

Make Math Fun 

Math is confusing. When you venture into a new area of math, it’s like starting from the bottom again and it’s not the easiest subject to understand. You go past basics and it’s difficult but sometimes, it’s worth it. Depending on the industry you plan to work in, you actually need math and be able to work the problem without calculators. That’s why you need to ditch the calculator and learn. Yes, you can use a math calculator during your education but it’s not the item to rely on to get you through your studies.Click here